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CRC – Gold Standard Pinions 64P 20-80T



Don’t forget these!

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CRC redefines the racing with the Gold Standard Pinions 64 Pitch 20-80 Tooth.

The “Gold Standard” in pinions. CRC’s new pinion gears are super lightweight, true and precision CNC machined in 7075 aluminum. We have completely removed all unnecessary material in an effort to produce the lightest pinion available. The face is undercut all the way out to the teeth diameter. Then on the larger pinions, the undercut face is scalloped in a triangle design to remove even more material. Complete with a 5-40 UNC set screw (1/16 inch wrench), each gear has the tooth number laser etched on the barrel.

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Teeth: 20T, Teeth: 21T, Teeth: 22T, Teeth: 23T, Teeth: 24T, Teeth: 25T, Teeth: 26T, Teeth: 27T, Teeth: 28T, Teeth: 29T, Teeth: 30T, Teeth: 31T, Teeth: 32T, Teeth: 33T, Teeth: 34T, Teeth: 35T, Teeth: 36T, Teeth: 37T, Teeth: 38T, Teeth: 39T, Teeth: 40T, Teeth: 41T, Teeth: 42T, Teeth: 43T, Teeth: 44T, Teeth: 45T, Teeth: 46T, Teeth: 47T, Teeth: 48T, Teeth: 49T, Teeth: 50T, Teeth: 51T, Teeth: 52T, Teeth: 53T, Teeth: 54T, Teeth: 55T, Teeth: 56T, Teeth: 57T, Teeth: 58T, Teeth: 59T, Teeth: 60T, Teeth: 61T, Teeth: 62T, Teeth: 63T, Teeth: 64T, Teeth: 65T, Teeth: 66T, Teeth: 67T, Teeth: 68T, Teeth: 69T, Teeth: 70T, Teeth: 71T, Teeth: 72T, Teeth: 73T, Teeth: 74T, Teeth: 75T, Teeth: 76T, Teeth: 77T, Teeth: 78T, Teeth: 79T, Teeth: 80T


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