2021 Midwest Indoor Championship AKA “the MIC”

Please only one form per racer, Thank You

2021 Midwest Indoor Championship AKA “the MIC” Presented by AWESOMATIX USA


Thursday: Practice from 10am-8pm
Friday: Practice from 9am-5pm with round 1 to follow
Saturday: 3 Rounds of qualifying start at 9am
Sunday: Mains start – TBA no later than 10am


Touring Car 21.5
Super Stock Touring 17.5 Car
Modified Touring Car

Stock GTP 17.5
Super Stock GTP 13.5
Modified GTP

World GT-R 17.5
USGT 21.5
Formula One 25.5


SXT spec sauce (one free for every racer)
Magnum Force or Plus 3 only tire cleaner allowed (available in pro shop)
No other chemicals on the track, please
Roar approved Motor & ESC settings
17.5 12th JFT Tires (must be purchased at track)
Touring car Jaco Blue Rubber Tires by BSR (must be purchased at track)
USGT Gravity tires (must be purchased at track)
Ride heights, weights, battery voltage all done by Roar Rules

Hobbywing XeRun 3650 Sensored Justock (17.5)
ROAR Approved speed control in blinky mode
ROAR approved 1s Li-Po battery
PFM-12 body (part #1613-30 or 1613-25)
Bitty Designs body cut on body line (part #GT12-LS3)
Spec Purple stripe tire (JFT must purchase at track)
Min. Wt. 750 grams
Min. Ride Height 3mm

GT12 Rules
Motor: Gravity USGT 21.5 brushless motor
ESC: ROAR approved 1s non-timing ESC in its approved “blinky” mode
Max Battery Voltage: 4.20v
Tires/Rims: SJT Rubber Tires (SJT tires and rims only)
Body: 1/12th GT style body (no LMP bodies).
Minimum Total Weight: 740g
Minimum Ground Clearance: 3mm
Maximum Width: 172mm


Early Bird $45 First Class – $50.00 at event
Early Bird $30 Each Additional Class – $35 at event
90×40 CRC Fasttrak II Black Carpet
Clik-Trak Boards
Large Drivers stand
Door Prizes
Awards for entire A-Main and Top 3 In lower mains made by Race Rewards
Lunch Saturday delivered Hitching Post Saloon (select food at sign in)

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