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BSR F1234S – 12th Rear Spec

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BSR 12th Rear Tires:

Mounted on “High Roller 38″ large diameter HR-38 rims, Pro-Cut tires are low profile race tires, and trued to 1.90″ rear.

High Roller 38 Wheels:
Instead of simply adding a rim filler, BSR has taken the large wheel trend one step farther by increasing the rim diameter to the ROAR and IFMAR legal limit of 38mm. BSR’s HR-38 wheel is light weight, with a unique spoke pattern that results from the placement of the strengthening ribs. The internal ribs not only support the outer diameter, but they also add strength to the critical 3-hole mounting area, by providing a web of material on each side of the hole. Older standard wheel designs leave the 3-hole area un-braced, resulting in a weak area that could flex. The rear wheel has mounting offsets that are slightly narrower, allowing the user to custom shim the rear axle width and track.

Light, but strong.
Race ready, right from the package, no tire grinding needed!
Large diameter, with low-profile.
Legal everywhere.
High Roller 38 rim accepts standard 1/12th donuts.
Tire Outer Diameter: 1.90″
Wheel Outer Diameter: 1.495” (38mm)

Additional information

Weight .075 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 2.25 × 1.5 in

Magenta Fronts #2172, Purple Fronts #2173, Black Fronts #2174, Gray Fronts #2180, Pink Fronts #2183, Chrome Fronts #2188, Blu Fronts #2197, Spec WGT Stripe Fronts #2230, Pink Rears #2175, Magenta Rears #2176, Yellow Rears #2181, Gray Low Rears #2182, Greene Rears #2195, Blu Rears #2196, Double Blue Fronts #2197, Spec WGT Stripe Rears #2232, Orange Rear #2199


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